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        We are located at:
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    Indianapolis, IN 46240
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BCND (Board Certified Naturopath); Loomis Digestive Health Specialist 
(Advanced Level): Clinical Judgment in Nutritional and Structural Evaluations; 
Gifted Bodyworker, trained in Thailand and Israel; Talented Mentor and Teacher; 
Intuitive Physiognomist with over fifty different modalities in her arsenal. 
Genie is one of the new waves of Healers: those with a very keen intuition and an extremely analytical mind. Her unique way to process information based on her well balanced brain. Both of her hemisphere were equally developed: Left is by her MSME (MS in Mechanical Engineering with minor in Physic, Custom Built Machinery Designer), 
Right is by her extensive self-studies of the power of Human Dynamics, 
as well as her broad training in different disciplines all around the World. 

​  “America's health care system is in crisis precisely because          we systematically neglect Wellness and Prevention.
                                                                                                 Tom Harkin
One of the most important aspects in achieving a Long, Healthy and Happy Life is to establish Who Is in Charge. 
Who is going to monitor the results and 
who will be giving orders to Your Body.
At Energy Within Us we are teaching our clients that 
All Answers came from WITHIN! 
We help clients to hold themselves accountable 
for their own Well-Being.
You Are the Captain of Your Ship! 
If you are looking for a right crew - we can be at help!
Together we develop a protocol to give your body 
Powerful Positive Commands.
Your Body will react with 
Better Physical, Mental and Emotional Health
Energy Within Us offers Educational Seminars to Corporations - Small and Large.
Happy, Healthy Employees Make Happy Healthy Organizations.

Is a Gift Certificate a Good Idea? You Bet!
 Available for individuals and organizations. 

Contact us for a customized Health Gift idea.
   DISCLAIMER:                                                                  I understand that:                                                                                                        
Energy Within Us (EWU) practitioners are not Medical Doctors (MD’s, DO's, DC's); nor they are Licensed Medical Professionals. 
I should continue to see any medical doctors I am currently under the care of, and that any prescription medication should not be altered without first consulting 
   the Doctor  who recommended it. 
I may be referred to another member of the health team to seek further care if deemed necessary. 
EWU practitioners are trained and certified specialists who use non-invasive natural medicine, such as: dietary regimes, enzymes therapy, energy flow, emotional balance, 
   variety of bodyworks and more to create a healthy environment in the body. 
My visit today is based on the belief that the body has a natural ability to heal itself, if given an appropriate internal and external healing environment. 
Nothing said, done, typed, printed or reproduced by EWU practitioners is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or take the place of a licensed physician. 
Signs of physical, mental, supplemental deficiency or dietary stressors may be identified today. Information about traditional uses of supplementation that may create 
   a healthy balance in the body may be discussed. This is not intended to be interpreted as a substitute for a licensed Physicians treatment. 
I am making it clear that it is my request to the EWU practitioner(s) to help me to be Well and to do whatever it takes to help me to achieve my Well-Being.
If I feel uncomfortable for any reasons I have rights to stop a session at any moment and communicate my concerns freely and openly with a practitioner.
All discussed issues and personal information during my visits are respected and treated as my private data. 
I am taking full responsibility for the decisions I am making as a result of information and observations that was shared with me during my sessions. 
I am not on this visit or any subsequent visits acting as an agent for the federal, state, county, local agencies or news media on a mission of entrapment or investigation. 
I have read and discussed the above information and agree with it completely.

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