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Some of my favorite expressions:
<:> “Ears are a keyboard for Kidneys"
<:> "Inspiration without expression leads to depression" 
<:> “Being the most advanced country in the World (US it is) we do not have a healthy generation? 
       Spending more $$$ per capita for Health Care (it really is a “sick care”, as it spends its resources 
       and efforts to cover symptoms and to maintain illnesses), we are Number 40+ in the World? 
       Most Americans can’t even name 40 countries that keep their population healthier than our country does” 
<:> Next is Einstein, of course, "Insanity is doing the same thing…” got an idea?
<:> “Became a REMARKABLE"
​                                                                                                  I was asked...
                                                                              Q: Why did you become a Healer?  
                         A: I cannot not to do what I do (forgive my double negatives). It was a calling.
                                                                              Q: How long does it take to heal a person?
                         A: First, I do not heal anyone - they heal themselves with my assistance. Noticeable changes of healing happen in  
                             about 3 months, add one month for every year of having the issues. Healing depends on many things, such as:
1. How old is a client
2. How much he/she is committed to get well
3. How good is your Healer
4. How strong is the synergy between a Client and a Healer