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I know now that you do work magic and I could sense the level of concern you had for me. I felt like I was the only one in your World for those 2 hours today. I had your complete undivided attention and felt it in your hands as well. I’ve never had an experience like that before. I really felt good (well) after leaving your office today. Just had a smile that hasn’t been there for quite some time.  
You asked what my favorite part was and at the time it was just all too amazing to pick. But after the drive home and time to reflect, I enjoyed the first part of the session most. 
I truly enjoyed the head massage the best - made me melt away into that other World!
​JD Scott, Indiana
Genie, I wanted to say “Thank You"!
For your courage to come up to me and generously sharing your wisdom.
I want to affirm your Gift!
You nailed it on something and made me think differently about others.
Chris W. Chicago
Thank you so much for helping me to recover from “being zapped” on stage during practice, I feel so fortunate to have you. Thanks for checking on me by phone the next day also, I was much better by the next morning. I am perfect now, but I did learn to be more grounded which is a good thing.
Also thank you for your comments about caution and learning to protect myself from others’ energy. I will try to learn to do that, at this point the best I know is to zip up in the morning. I am reading a book called Psychic Self Defense, and hoping to learn something from that too… 

I have the Kombucha mushroom that you gave me and I am excited about making it myself. Thank you for everything, your energy is such a wonderful asset to this world.

Your friend, Yan X. Ohio
Hi Genie,
Just to let you know I feel really wonderful…pretty centered and calm…a little achy from all that stretching, but good. 
Started the enzymes with dinner last night…
I’ll keep you posted on how they work. 
I’m still "digesting" all I learned from you yesterday…I’m sure you expected as much. 
The cynic in me says “incredible”; the believer in me says, “wow.”
I’ll be in touch…and thanks for all the time you spent with me yesterday…enlightening and thought provoking…just the way I like it.
HL, Florida

Genie, thank you very much for your efforts, your work and dedication! I feel so much more myself. I took the digestion enzymes and already starting go to the bathroom. I started taking the Vitamin D and I can feel my body aching for it, now that it knows it's backed aligned. Now i'm drinking water to get it going! ok thanks again i appreciate it!
For all testimonials of my skills, I am fortunate to have many of them, please note: these are real, voluntary statements on behalf of my clients I have worked with. 
Their comments are authentic, however their grammar was left unaudited. They are my client's own stated organic experience and do not in any way convey any specific claims or advertisements of the benefits of using my healing services. Everyone's results can and will vary and is a function of many factors, seen and unseen. I am using the Forgotten Art of Anscient Healing (based on science) and as such your outcome will be based on your desire and efforts to be well.
Dear Genie,
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your caring and support yesterday.
You made my day so much better!
You are obviously an Angel!
Denise A. Oklahoma