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​ ~ Air, Water, Food - get the best available quality! 
 ~ Eat locally grown food! Eat foods in season!
 ~ Sleep is Sacred!  
 ~ Make your workout FUN! Call it FSA - Fun Sweaty Activities!
 ~ Communicate with Nature, God, Family, Friends etc - it’s Vital!
 ~ Keep you romantic relationship Alive and Exciting!
 ~ "Know Thyself". Live your Life according your Constitution. 
 ~ One size does not fit all! What saves your Life can easily end mine.
 ~ Laugh Daily to stay Healthy! 

Its NOT my intent to "heal" my clients. In fact I do not "heal" anyone.
I facilitate the environment, which helps clients to find answers from within.
You have to assume the responsibility of being a Project Manager of your own Project, a Director of your own Lab.
You have to be ready to work together, as a team, to find the SoS (Source of Stress). 
When SoS is discovered, the healing protocol became obvious. 
Source of Stress and Manifestation of that Stress not nessecary happened at the same place in our body.

Even if I was the best Healer on the Earth, but if we do not have that "chemistry" between us, its not advisable to work together. 

Another words, with all my amazing arsenal of knowledge and skills - I am NOT for everyone!  Nobody is! 

Finding the right Healer/Practitioner is one of the Most Important step in any healing process!

Here is what to expect when you are arriving in my office for an appointment:

1. If it is your very 1st appointment with me, we are going to spent any where between 20 to 30 min (no charge)
      communicating. Our goal is to determine whether we can form an effective healing crew.
2. During that time I am assessing your body "talk" and asking for guidelines as of what kind of modality I need to
    use today to address your Chief Complain.
3. Next step depends on what conclusion we are reaching: 
    - if we decided not to work together, session is over, you are not charged. 
    - if we choose to proceed from that moment its a billable time. 
    The sessions, in a sense, is an educational seminar (paper and pens are provided). 
    Every word I share with you is brought out by your presence, your energy, your desire to be well. It's backed up 
    whether by my research (source will be available upon request), or it can be my opinion, based on my    
    multicultural experience, excessive travel, highly analytical mind and common sense that brings uncommon result.
4. Its almost impossible to say what modality or combination of modalities I am going to use at that particular
    session. I never had two identical sessions in my life.     
    Same client, different lunar cycle, different time of the day etc. make that session different from previous.
5. We will continue to communicate between session, so that I can monitor changes and your body reactions.
How We Do What We Do